Universal carrier (28mm)

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Universal carrier (28mm)

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Product Information

One British WW2 Universal carrier in 28mm or 1:56 scale.

Pictures shown are for 15mm models

All models supplied unpainted, unbased and without crew (figures)

3D printed to order

Product Code28Bri011

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

Outstanding design and exceptional value.

Having a browse around the site I decided to take a punt on a universal carrier. It's only a fiver why not? Having seen a few 3D printed items I didn't hold out much hope to be honest. Thankfully the photo provided doesn't do the finished piece any justice at all. Expecting a chunky slab or a brittle waste of time I was delighted to discover that what I got was a beautifully crafted model that both looks good and feels like it will stand up to any amount of play. The sides are smooth and true with none of the warping you can find in resin models. While the form is slightly simplified it does not detract from the appeal and enough details exist to make me happy to just throw a coat of paint on it and get it on the table. Obviously there are some slight drawbacks to the medium but the finished model really doesn't suffer greatly from them. As with all 3D printing the layers are evident to a degree but nothing like a grainy and irregular as they look in the picture. There are some texture issues with the underside and various inverted surfaces but they are all hidden away and by no means cause an issue. Although I would be happy to field the model as is I think the smooth areas would benefit from a light thin layer of model filler or plastic putty, especially if you prefer to use washes or dry brushing when painting which will only increase how obvious the layers appear. A fantastic model at an excellent price. My intention is to make a further order of these wonderful vehicles at my earliest financial opportunity. (23 Nov 2016, 13:50)
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