OT-64 SKOT (6mm)

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OT-64 SKOT (6mm)

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OT-64 SKOT (Required)

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Product Information

One Czechoslovakian or Polish OT-64 SKOT in 6mm or 1:285 scale.

7 variants are available:

OT-64 or SKOT-1 - Original unarmed version with a different layout of hatches on the top.
OT-64 or SKOT-2 - Armed with a 12.7 mm DShK HMG in a shielded turret (called OT-64B by NATO)
OT-64 or SKOT-2 - Armed with 12.7 mm DShK HMG fitted to the armoured box of the O-T64A
OT-64 or SKOT R-2 - Command version, as SKOT-2 with vision blocks on armoured box and antenna posts
OT-64A or SKOT-2A - The most common version, fitted with BPU-1 turret from the BRDM-2 (called OT-64C by NATO)
OT-64A or SKOT R-2M - Command version of SKOT-2A with vision blocks and antenna posts
OT-64A or SKOT-2AP - Identical to SKOT-2A except with AA turret.


Thanks to João Peixoto for the photo of the 20mm painted model.  Other pictures shown are for 15mm models

All models supplied unpainted, unbased and without crew (figures)

3D printed to order

Product Code06Lat076

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 2


First of all I'd like to say that the dispatch of my models was great, ordered them just before Christmas and they arrived on the 27th so hats off for getting them printed and dispatched so quickly. The models cleaned up easily and the turrets popped in no problem and they are obviously OT-64's and match up well size wise with others. I ordered 4 different types of the model, the SKOT-2 and 2A and the corresponding command types. Whereas the 2 and R-2 have a VERY slight difference just before the 'plinth' there is no difference between the 2A and R-2M models at all (and I've looked hard!). This leads me to the next point, detail. You just won't get the detail that you see in the 15mm model in the photo's,. No MG's in the turrets, no details on the hatch covers at all just raised areas and faint outline of tools on the hull. I'm sorry to come across so negative but I was really eager to get my hands on these as no-one else offers the command versions and I also have been eyeing up some of the other offerings as well but might swerve them now. 2 stars might be a bit harsh as the service is so good and the model is definitely what it is but the lack of detail and difference in the models meant greater disappointment hence lower score. *********************************************************** Butlers' Printed Models response: We are sorry that you are unsatisfied with the models. We aim to make our models as accurate as possible. Designs that have very small differences will have very small differences. Unless absolutely necessary we don't artificially increase the size of features to make them appear more obvious. Features that are smaller than the print resolution will not be present. (28 Dec 2018, 10:39)
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