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We have been wargaming for many years in many different periods and rule sets.  Currently we mostly play ancient, WW2 and space ships although from time to time we tend to dabble in most periods.

We started designing, producing and selling 3D printed wargames models in 2015 to friends and family.  The unique combination of cheap, highly accurate wargames models that don't need to be assembled (and therefore there is no chance of them disassembling themselves on the table top or in their storage box on the way to a competition!) has proved very popular so we have decided to make them more widely available.

Check out the tactics articles LINKfor laugh at our dubious tactical advice.

On the army lists page LINK you will find a random selection of army lists from different periods.  Feel free to try these list on the wargames table although we can't take any liability if you lose, however if you win we would be happy if you gave us part of the credit!


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