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Butlers' Printed Models supplies 3D printed wargames models for wargames from ancient to WW2 to modern in scales from 6mm to 28mm.


Everything 3D is printed to order - so everything 3D is always available, we don't run out of stock!

No assembly required (well almost, the turret or gun is usually separate).

We've listed prices for 6mm, 10mm / 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 28mm and 1:48 scale.

These figure sizes are the following scales:
6mm = 1:285 scale
1/200 scale = 1:200 scale
10mm / 12mm = 1:144 scale
15mm = 1:100 scale
20mm = 1:76 scale or 1:72 scale (there is an option to increase the size from 1:76 to 1:72)
28mm = 1:56 scale
1/48 scale = 1:48 scale

however most models are available in any scale so just ask if you want something a different size.  [Note: When models are rescaled and printed in PLA the process is normally straight forward and there is usually no additional cost.  When models are rescaled and printed in resin it is necessary to go through an additional step to prepare the new scale for printing, the cost to do this is usually around £10 per design.]  We usually don't make models smaller than 1:285 and not everything can be made larger than 1:48 scale.


High Resolution Resin
This is a different type of 3D printing to our standrd FFF prints.  It produces much high resolution prints but costs more to produce.  Most products are now available in high resolution resin.  The smaller the model the more it benefits from being produced in resin.


If you would like a pdf version of our catalogue one is available here


STL Files

STL files of all of our models are available from Butlers Digital Models -


All models are sold unpainted, unbased and without crew/figures.

If you want to learn what 3D printing is go here.

If you want to learn about removing the print support from your models then go here.

Over 16's only, our products are not toys they contain small parts which may be a choking hazard.

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