This document provides a brief description of the sustainability of our 3D printed models.

- The models are made from PLA (Polylactic acid) which is a bioplastic made from plant based sources.

- As of April 2019 we have moved to using a recycled PLA which is created using recycled PLA for 55% of its content.  (In the unlikely event that we can not purchase recycled PLA we will temporarily use non-recycled PLA)

- Our waste PLA (3D printing plastic) is sent away to be recycled into new PLA.

- All (100%) of the electricity to run the printers and power our office comes from renewable sources (solar, wind and hydro power).

- All (100%) of the gas to heat our office is carbon neutral and partly green gas produced from renewable sources

- We try to minimise packaging as much as possible.  The vast majority of our packaging is paper or cardboard which is easily recycled.

- All of the people who work at Butlers' Printed Models walk to work.

- We are a member of the  Eco Responsible 3D Printing Alliance


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