Removal of support material from models

When we print your models we often have to use "support" material to allow parts of the model to print in the air.  Our specially designed support is one of the ways we can achieve such a well finished product from a 3D printer.

The support material is designed to be easy to remove.

If you are lucky we may have removed some or all of the support for you.  In most cases you should expect to remove it yourself.

It's easy to remove the support material with a pair of pliers but much harder to explain in words.  So here's a link to a YouTube video explaining how to do it.

WARNING  Wear safety goggles while removing support material

The best advice I can give now is to start slow and be careful so that you don't break your model.  Once you've removed the support from 3 or 4 models you'll find it's actually quick and easy.


High Resolution Resin
This is a different type of 3D printing to the our standrd FFF prints.  A lot less support is used with this printing method and in most cases we will have removed the majority of the support.  It may be necessary to clean up any small pieces that are left.  For some models it is better for us to leave the support in place (usually to make it easier to package and post the models).  The best way to remove any support left on high resolution resin models is with a pair of knips.  We use Knipex 78 61 125 electronic super knips but any similar wire cutter will do.


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