How to Apply Water Slide Decals

Our decals are printed on a clear film with backing paper underneath.

First, cut out the decal from the sheet.  Cut around the decal leaving a small area of clear film around the design.  The decal can be cut out with scissors or a sharp knife.

Immerse the decal in a bowl of water, it takes 10 to 20 seconds for the decal to begin to separate from the backing paper.

Remove the decal from the water and place on the model near the final location of the decal.

Carefully slide the decal from the backing paper onto the model.

Remove the backing paper from the model.

The excess water on the model will allow the decal to be carefully moved into position.

Once in the correct position, use a tissue to remove excess water from the model.  If too much excess water remains the decal may not adhere to the model.

Allow the decal to completely dry overnight before handling.



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